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AREA 51 : CROSSING ROSWELL (New Mexico) (50 photos)
The Roswell story concern the mysterious crash in the United States near Roswell (New Mexico) in July 1947, identified by U.S. authorities as a target balloon. The international reputation that brought him the incident has made the small town of Roswell UFO a tourism destination relatively large. The entire community has adopted the aliens in a very deliberate. And they are now part of the local landscape. Kitsch in American!
© P. Chatellier/
During the summer in the Alps, some outdoor sports enthusiasts and curious fetch ice underground. Must rappel down a chasm in the heart of the forest Parmelan proud small summit overlooking Annecy, Haute-Savoie, near the famous "Plateau des Glières", one of the center of resistance during the Second World War.
© A. Mouthon/
The story takes place in France during the summer, on a coastline. We can not be precise in order to preserve the anonymity of the place and characters. Every day, young man from a family, who spends her holidays at the beach, as many of our compatriots, are going to pick up food from supermarket trash.
© A. Mouthon/
Peace Process in turkish Kurdistan (63 photos)
The end of the PKK's armed struggle against the Turkish state has been officially announced to the people in Diyarbakir. Its leader, Mr Öcalan had negotiated with Ankara that the PKK guerrillas withdrew from Turkey. On the ground, the big question is whether the Peshmerga will happen in Iraq with or without their weapons. And wait to see the counterparty. It speaks of the "Peace Process" to all street corners.
© A. Mouthon/
The governmental troops supported by the Ethiopian army got ready to enter the Somalian capital deserted by the Islamists on December 28, 2006. The government of transition decreed the state of emergency.
© T. Dandois/     
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