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The Transsiberian railway

The Transsiberian railway (42 photos) Send this reportage Send this reportage
Since 1906, the Trans-Siberian railway linking Moscow to Vladivostok or Beijing. A train built by the will of the Tsar Alexander III to connect the West to 0rient. This legendary train, the world's longest, is a real shop on wheels. Formerly vector of Russian nationalism in Siberia and body of Soviet realism, it became a place of exchange and trade.
© A. Wostok Press./
Categories: Economy, Transportation, Tourism, Travel, Woman story, Offbeat, Big Story, Winter
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In the transsiberian train carriages, men and women of all ages, of all social conditions, and from numerous Eurasiatic nationalities, settle together in intimacy for a couple of days. Conveying a random sample of population, the train reflects the Russian society mutations. Formerly medium of the Russian nationalism in Siberia, then organ of socialist realism, he became a bazaar, a place for exchange and trade, used between two siberian towns by siberian businessmen as well by women for which sale of chinese stuff carries hope of fortune. Success and bad luck display themselves side by side, in the short space of the carriages.
©Frédéric Hermann/Wostok Press